The Institute for Research and Community Empowerment, abbreviated as LITPAM, is a legal entity established on March 9, 2017, based on a Notary Deed and registered in a court under number W25.U1/940/HK.03/11/2017. LITPAM is engaged in education, research, publications, community empowerment, and public services.

LITPAM has a vision as a research center and community empowerment to develop science, technology, and cultural arts based on human values and can directly benefit the community. The vision is strived to be realized through: (1) Making LITPAM a research and community service center in the fields of science, technology, education, and quality arts and culture; (2) producing various types of research and service that are useful, and can solve societal problems at the local, national, and international levels; (3) Strive to acquire intellectual property rights (IPR) on research results; (4) Produce national and international journals that are accredited and indexed by Scopus; and (6) Building cooperation in the field of research and community service with higher education institutions, government, business and industry

LITPAM Journals


Overcoming the Challenges of Transformation in South African Higher Education Curriculum Development: An Analysis

The study aimed to explore the challenges faced in transforming Higher Education (HE) curriculum development in South Africa. The research found that the country’s education system has been significantly impacted by colonialism and apartheid’s systemic exclusion of blacks and women, leading to social and economic discrimination and inequalities. Despite a desire to reform higher education

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Enhancing Student Learning in Computational Chemistry through Virtual Reality: An Analysis of Blended Reality Environment (BRE)

Virtual Reality (VR) is being studied as a potential tool for teaching and learning in the field of computational chemistry. This field combines the principles of theoretical chemistry with computer programming to better understand the properties of molecules and solids. The intersection of VR and computational chemistry holds the potential to improve the educational experience

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e-Saintika Publish New Issue​

e-Saintika Publish New Issue Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengkajian Ilmu Pendidikan: e-Saintika (Journal of Research and Education Studies: e-Saintika) published a new issue. The current issue contained five articles. The authors and co-authors are from four countries (Indonesia, South Africa, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia). Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengkajian Ilmu Pendidikan: e-Saintika (Journal of Research and Education

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Standar Isi Artikel Penelitian: Komponen Detail untuk Dipublikasikan di Jurnal Ilmiah

Peningkatan publikasi ilmiah Indonesia pada jurnal ilmiah mengalami peningkatan pesat. Pada tahun 2019-2020, Indonesia bahkan berada pada peringkat 1 di ASEAN. Sayangnya peningkatan jumlah publikasi tersebut tidak dibarengi dengan peningkatan jumlah sitasi sehingga menunjukkan minimnya kualitas tulisan ilmiah Indonesia. Permasalahan tersebut dapat disebabkan oleh kurangnya kemampuan dalam menulis karya tulis ilmiah. Artikel ini bertujuan untuk

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Lembaga Penelitian dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat

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